ebay sales

Mickey Mouse sheets & valance:  paid $8, sold $99

Fossil bag: paid $5, sold $32

VTG mini beaker: paid .10, sold $25

Benetton sundress: paid $1, sold $9

(remember when Benetton was everything???)

VTG Burberry scarf: paid .50, sold $32

(I wanted more for this but it just sat there so I took an offer. cest la vie.)

VTG Sweater kit: Paid 2.30, sold $45

I thought this kit was cool and it sold right away.

Arc'teryx pants:  paid $4.29, sold $50

This is a great brand and they sold quickly, even with my craptastic photo.  :)

I don't feel like grabbing all the images but I have had LOTS of piddly sales lately, too.  $9 and $10 sales.  That is fine, good to get rid of some of the crap!  (Not that I thought it was crap when I bought it!)



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