Happy December!

I cannot believe I did not take ONE photo on Thanksgiving. ??  Dang it.  It was a fun weekend.  OH YEAH.  I did take one:

Wendy and I ran (/walked) a 5K on Thanksgiving morning.  It was fun!  It rained before and after so we got very lucky.  We also got BIG ASS cinnamon rolls and fleece hoodies so good times.

After being gone the week before, Patrick was home all through last week and the kids were home from Tuesday at noon on through.  We stayed home a lot and got a lot of relaxing and work done.  The mythical lower level has a ceiling.  WHAT?  And, electricity!!!!!!!  We are going to trim that bad boy out soon.  It is really a nice room.  I love it.
We had our actual Thanksgiving feast on Sunday.  My Dad & Mari came down and it was so good to see them.  Saturday night we had dinner at the Great Dane and played Shuffleboard for the first time.  It was fun!  And James is really good at it.  Little stinker.
Okay, he is almost TWELVE.  I should not call him little stinker anymore.

Here he is sometime making a cell cake for science class.  This was a fun project that was also tasty.  :)

In other news, I got a light kit for my ebay photos!  Our basement had the perfect spot just waiting for me to use it.  I love our basement.  It is so hardworking.  Since I took this photo we have moved things around a little and Patrick added a couple more lights for me to fix some shadowing.  I think my photos look a lot better and it is SO NICE to be able to go down and take pictures and not have to wait for the good light and drag everything up into the living room.
Today I am staying home and decorating for Christmas!  I am a day late but my kids didn't seem to notice or were kind enough to not mention it.  :)

A couple more Nick secrets before I go.  He has been arranging my hair to look like his music teacher's lately.  It is the cutest thing!  He pulls it all over one shoulder and tucks it behind my ears.  It isn't exactly like hers "cause hers is like a C" but closer than it was.  After our family Thanksgiving dinner (pizza!) where we had all said something we were thankful for, he crawled onto my lap and whispered into my ear, "I am thankful for you, Mom."

I should note that our Thanksgiving pizza order got mixed up so we ended up with LOTS of mac & cheese pizza for our weekend.  I'm not even going to say how many times my kids ate it.  I think they will remember this as the mac & cheese pizza Thanksgiving.  :)

Thank you for the comments lately.  :)  



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