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Good morning!  First of all, thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes for James.  :)  They each made me smile and I appreciated them so much.  12 was a little emotional for me!

So, how are you?  I am good.  I had today all planned out (insert riotous laughter here) and guess what?  Nick is home due to explosive pooping during the night.  AND, even worse, he seems much better now, even at 8:14 am, but I hate to send him and have that happen at school. le sigh.  Do you want to hear how my imaginary day was going to go?

I was going to get up early for a quick workout followed by a light snack and then get all of my darling, clean and well dressed children off to school after giving them a nourishing and healthy breakfast.  Then I was going to assemble all of my gift wrapping supplies and presents and sit down in front of the TV with my favorite holiday mug of coffee, an episode of Top Chef, and a happy sigh.  Then I was going to watch Love Actually.  Then I was going to have lunch and take a shower and then I was actually going to love taking a small nap.  After waking up, I planned to meet my friend for a walk and then meet our kids after school to walk home.  Then I would give them a seasonally appropriate snack and read them the last chapter in our Christmas book which is funny but still all about Jesus. Then I would go pick up my mother so she could watch the children while I met my husband for a rejuvenating/bonding quiet night together.

INSTEAD.  I woke up at 5am knowing Nick would be staying home and dragged myself down to the basement to start wrapping gifts in the harsh fluorescent lighting.  (Please note: no coffee, no top chef, no happy sigh) Nick came down a bit later to tell me he had to poop.  I helped him out (#1 butt wiper) and then went back downstairs.  I suddenly felt starving so I went up and scarfed down a bowl of frosted Rice Krispies.  At 6:45 I woke Ruby up and she immediately spotted the newly wrapped gifts under the tree.  To prevent shaking/guessing I labeled them (my one win so far today) To: SHIRT, To: PANTS, and To:  Shoes instead of using their names.  HA!  When she discovered this (after first thinking they were all TO mom & dad) she gave me a MAJOR eye roll.  The kind you only get when you've WON so I relished it.  I fed them (bagels) and dropped them off at school in the rain.  Now I am home and Nick is downstairs not pooping, or, playing Legos.  I am here with my coffee and while this IS NOT WHAT I HAD PLANNED, it is not altogether too bad.  I will just pray that God will do what I want TOMORROW and have my kids go to school.  HAHAHA.

Thankfully I am mostly done with everything (except wrapping and Patrick will help me at night or I will do it tomorrow) so this is just fine.  I can have my day in January.  I did decide that for the new year I am giving myself one day every 3 weeks to do whatever the crap I want.  This might be a day on the couch with the remote or in bed with a book or at devil's lake on a hike.  It's hard to say but I am going to do it.  I find that working at home can be consuming if I let it.  I think no matter what we do in life, balance is hard to find!

Speaking of work, last week was awesome!  I think it was my best week ever.  I sold just over $800 worth of items and let me tell you, that was fun!  :)  Here was my biggest mail day:

This is very good timing because Patrick and I found out his dad is coming to help us finish our MYTHICAL LOWER LEVEL BATHROOM in January.  WHAT???  Also, bathroom stuff is pricey!  But I am beyond excited.  Speaking of the MYTHICAL LOWER LEVEL.  Two things.  One, Nick is down there right now playing Legos!!!!!!!  And two, here is a low quality picture of it in action:

There were 6 kids total down there and it made me SO happy!  Also, I love when they all do anything together.  Playing outside, nerf guns, legos and minecraft are all winners in my mom book.

Okay, for posterity, last week was full of big events in the life of our children.  First, James was in the Geography Bee again:

James and Ruby had their Christmas program which was very cute but so long (as you may have experienced):

 Nick had his program which was delightful and short!:

We have been making and eating lots of Christmas cookies.  I decided to let the kids eat them as we go because we always have so many by Christmas and then end up tossing them.  This is much more enjoyable but also not so good for me. (ahem.)  One day Ruby and I had the house to ourselves for a couple hours so we frosted some cookies.  She liked to use her fingers.  I know it looks awful but she washed her hands first and they are gone so no one outside of our family had to eat them.  :)

I know my photos are horrible!  My bad!

One last thing for now because I know this is long winded, even for me.  For the longest time (like over a year) Nick has gone to bed in just his underpants, no pajamas, no matter what I tried.  And then a few weeks ago he mentioned (out of nowhere) that he would like some red and white striped ones for the holiday season.  ???? Okaaaaaaaay.  So I found him some and now he wears them for 2 nights, I wash them and he goes back to underpants for a night and then repeat.  So strange.

The first night he came down the stairs in them I almost choked, he looked so funny.  And adorable, but so funny, too, after so long of no pj interest whatsoever.  Then James started in with the Where's Waldo jokes and I had to threaten him and Ruby with their lives.  I didn't want anything to screw this up, the Christmas that Nick wore pajamas.

Hope you are finding some holiday magic, too.  :)  xoxoxoxo

p.s.  Here is one of my favorite holiday cards.  I LOLed when I got it.  I love a good sense of humor.  :)  And, Teresa, these boys of yours keep getting cuter every year! Thank you.  xx


  1. Oh my gosh you (and I, I suppose) are SO BUSTED! I was reading this post when Alex came up to me and started talking/complaining about something, and he looked down at the screen and stopped dead in his tracks. "Wait. Mom, why are our pictures on your computer??? How do you KNOW this person? DO YOU KNOW THIS PERSON???" hahaha At least it distracted him from his complaint.


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