Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Good morning, happy Tuesday, blah blah blah.  :)

How's it going?  Good here.  Nick is still sleeping, it's too gloomy to take pictures for ebay, I don't feel like exercising yet, so I was not sure what to do with myself??  Strange feeling.

I have a slight cold but I am thankful it doesn't seem too bad.  I did a really hard workout with my friend on Sunday so when I felt achy yesterday I wondered if it was from that or if I was getting sick.  Today I am certain it is a cold because, well, I won't gross you out.  Just normal cold stuff.

Last week after a workout someone asked me if I was sore.  I wasn't and I felt like kind of a loser saying so.  Then on Sunday someone else asked me and I wasn't again!  I said something about how I might not be pushing myself enough or need to add more weight or whatever.  But I didn't really feel that way.  I feel like I am working hard when I am doing whatever I am doing so I googled that.  (I seriously love google.  can you remember life before?)  Turns out, not being miserably sore after your workout does NOT mean it wasn't a good one.  It can mean a few different things, of course, but one of them is that the muscles you were working recover quickly because they are used to being worked.  That is not a bad thing and it made sense to me.  After arm day, I WAS sore, could barely lift the toaster :) but I don't work my shoulders that often.  After leg day or the muscle building class on Saturday (a lot of legs and some abs/upper body) I wasn't super sore because I work those muscles a lot already.  I read that the best indicator of a good workout is the results you are seeing and I am seeing those so I will stop doubting myself.  And stop feeling bad about not being sore.  DUMB. 

My kids are good.  James found an app that I love playing with him.  :)  It's called cooking fever, I think, and it's so cute.  We played a lot on Sunday and Patrick got it on his iPad for me.  :)  haha.  I haven't played it on my own yet but it was really fun to play with James.  We have very different ideas about running a business.

Ruby is doing good.  She got an 80 on her last math test, after missing 2 days of math because she was sick, so we were all so happy.  Her teacher said she could just try the test and see how she did and she did so well!  I can see her self confidence with math increasing and I am very proud of her.  In other Ruby news, she has been very sassy and got her tablet taken away for 3 days on Sunday. 

Nick is adorable/painfully talkative.  He is still the best cuddler and cups my face so sweetly.  :)  He's got some eczema this winter that we are trying to keep under control.  Frequent bathing/light hydrocortisone & aveeno eczema seem to be doing ok but not great.  Any tips?

I suppose I will go.  He is up now and I need to feed him.  I promise I will add some photos soon.  xoxoxooxox

Thursday, January 15, 2015

leg day!

I went back in the weight room at the gym by myself this morning!!  This was a big deal for me.  Not that big as it didn't keep me up last night.  :)  (do you ever wish you could read with your eyes closed??)

I met Sarah at the gym the other day and we figured out what weight we should be starting out with for some upper/lower body lifting.  We ended up doing upper body that day so I went back today to do lower.  The weight room usually has men in it, usually playing dirty music.  Today wasn't too bad.  Nobody was using the weights I needed (the 5lb'ers - haha!) so nothing awkward happened. 

What I am wondering about is the Universal weights.  Nobody uses them!!  What does everyone have against Universal weights?  I need to google that.

As I type, my arms are aching.  After I did the lower body stuff I did some rowing.  I love the rowing machine, it's my bff.

So, what else is new?  I am back in an ebay groove and feeling good.  I have a big goal this month and I am about half way there and I just saw it is the 15th!  Perfect.  Now I just need to keep going.

Should I tell you another God/dig and save story?  Okay, I will.  So one day, about 2 weeks ago, I found a very nice quality wool sweater.  It had a ram symbol on it but the tags had been cut out.  When I got home I tried to google it but came up with nothing.  I held on to it, though, because I could tell it was an expensive garment.  Last week at the dig I pulled out another nice wool sweater.  I turned it over and there was that same ram!!  And, low and behold, it had a tag!  Woot!  Thank you, Lord.  :)  I listed the first one I found a few days ago and it sold almost immediately for $65.99.  Should have gone higher!  ;)  The brand is Ibex and there stuff is super high quality.  Here is the listing.  I listed the second one I found last night...it is a women's medium.  Hope it sells!!

What else?  Ruby was home for 1.5 days with a fever, she is going back today.  James just stumbled into the living room, mumbling about using his alarm clock properly.  :)  He sleeps in his clean clothes so he doesn't have to get undressed in the morning.  Nick is still fast asleep.  I hate waking him up but I have to today as it's a work day for me.  (Thank God.)  :)

I hope you have a happy Thursday!!  xoxo

Monday, January 12, 2015

I am so dumb

Yesterday I agreed to meet my friend to do the beginning fit test for the Insanity workouts this morning.  I was a little nervous about it so when Nick woke me up at 4:20 (by crawling in our bed) I couldn't get back to sleep because I kept thinking about it.  Aaaaaagh!!  I hate that.  What I was thinking about the most was how to tell her I wasn't going to commit to doing the whole program with her.  :)  I am really enjoying the stuff I do now and that I can try something new whenever I want.  I knew I wouldn't want to do Insanity 6x a week for 60 days.  BUT, of course, there was nothing to worry about.  She gets it and we might meet 2x a week to do one or even part of one Insanity workout and then do some weight stuff together.  The fit test was hard but not awful (well, okay, some of it was awful) but it will be fun to do it again in a couple weeks and see if I can do any more reps.

All of that to say I am home working today and so tired.  I want to eat everything, and already had a big, healthy breakfast, so I think a power nap might be in order.

How are you?  Also, my left hamstring hurts a little when I sit for too long.  It has been hurting on and off for months...like, since August.  Hmmmmm.  Any tips?

What else is new? We went bowling last night!  That was fun, the kids loved it.  They want to go every Sunday night now.  It was only a buck a game making it a great deal.  Too bad we spent almost $30 on bar food and beer.  :)

OH!  Guess what I found at the dig last Friday?  A wool BUFF!!  What are the odds?  That is totally a God thing, call me crazy, but I know it is.  :)  I am very grateful.  So, now, here are my two Buffs: 

The top one is the wool one, the bottom is the sale one that I don't love the look of but love it otherwise.  Now I will feel confident buying another prettier one sometime. 

 It is warmer this week so hopefully I will get out there and get a chance to try my wool one out.  Devil's Lake has been on my mind.  I really want to do a winter hike up there so I need to plan that.

Speaking of Devil's Lake.


Okay, back to life.  :) 

This winter isn't killing me yet.  Now that we have some sunshine and snow I think I will be good for a while.  November & December were so gloomy...it was tough.

I will save my Christmas photos for another day. 


Thursday, January 08, 2015

2 hour delay

I was really hoping for a snow day today.  We had one yesterday, due to cold rather than snow, but today all we got was a lousy 2 hour delay.  bah.  I had such big plans for us!!

I was super lazy yesterday until I finally took a short nap and then I felt a bit more like myself.  And when I say short, I mean short.  I think the "power nap effect" that you hear about worked because I probably didn't get more than 15 minutes.  Nick kept coming in and asking if it was time to wake me up yet.  HAHAHA, Nick.

Such sad news everywhere yesterday and this morning.  :(

Our kids are all on the couch playing Minecraft together.  The family that crafts together, stays together.  I think I heard that? 

Patrick keeps saying he wishes he was still on vacation,  Me, too.  That was a good run. 

Today is Nick's morning at day care but he isn't going until 10 when the big kids go.  I am trying to decide if I should just stay home and list on ebay or go and get groceries and then come home and list.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even colder again so we might all be home tomorrow and then I will be glad that I got out a little today.  Sometimes just driving away helps my mindset, you know?  But, dang, it is cold out. 

We might get snow later so I didn't go to the gym this morning.  Does that make sense???  Yes, because shoveling is a good calorie burn.  I love it, actually.  (BUT.  Just like mowing, I will still get sick of it if I still have to do it past the normally allotted months.  Just putting that out there.  :) )

Sybil made a wish list a while ago and mentioned Buffs.  This was like a lightbulb moment for me as 1.  I love Survivor and they wear Buffs on Survivor 2. I am kind of a geek and I wanted something like the survivor people and 3.  It seemed like a more versatile balaclava.  (okay, when I look at them it's not really like a balaclava but that's what I thought of.)  I could wear it year round, practically!  So I bought one.  (I hope you got one, Sybil!)  I really like it.  Because of who I am (bargain hunter) I got one on Sierra Trading Post for about $10.  It is kind of ugly but I've found that I really like it for both walking/jogging in these cold temps (okay, not this cold.  not -23 cold but maybe 5 cold) and it's really nice for shoveling.  (yes, at -23 cold)  I put it over my nose and mouth and it's very helpful.  I want a cute one, now.  :)

Have you ever bought something you saw on a blog??  The power of suggestion is strong.

I fully realize that this has been totally disjointed.  Welcome to my world.


Tuesday, January 06, 2015

dang it

I wanted to post on Jan. 2 so it would have been one month since my last post but I forgot I had that idea.  ha!  The dangers of getting old.

Speaking of getting old.  The other day I said the word "telephone" and James and Ruby were both like, "WHAAAAAT is a telephone???"  hahaha.  They knew of course but wondered who says telephone?  (This morning they also asked me, "Who wears a scarf?") (kids these days.)

The month of December was so busy.  I'm sure it was for you, too, especially if you are a m-o-m.  Yikes, that's a lot of work.  I marked my calendar for next November so I start earlier next year...I prefer that. 

We had my mom and sister and her family over on Christmas Eve and that was really fun.  The kids liked their gifts, I ate a metric ton of cookies, it was all good.  On Christmas day we did NOTHING.  It was glorious.  And then for the next 11 days we didn't do a whole lot, either.  We'd get out when we had to (ie: going crazy) but it was very low key.  Patrick and I went for a hike and out to lunch one day (thanks Mom), we went to a friends house on NYE, celebrated my seester's birthday on NY Day and then had a cousin reunion in Eau Claire on the 2nd.  That was awesome.  We have so much fun together...I love my family.  And now, in a couple weeks, we are going to Duluth for a long weekend to celebrate with our Dad and brother.  Can't wait for that!!!

I am home with Nick this morning and am starting puppy training with him in the sense that he needs to learn to not talk to me ALL THE TIMES.  He likes narrating his play (fine) but also seeks my input far too often.  This has to stop!!  :)  So far, so good.  It's been 10 minutes.

I had a work day yesterday and that was fun!  It had been a while.  I hope to get into a more regular work schedule again this month.  I've missed it.

Patrick was home the whole break with us and I loved it.  He has had a ton of work these last few months and it was so good to see him slowly relax and get some of his playfulness back.  I've missed that part of him.

Did I tell you we joined our local gym?  We did, in November some time.  I am really glad.  I still do a lot of stuff at home (beginner blogliates this month) and walking outside is my favorite but it's so nice to have options.  I like a couple of the classes and love the bikes & rowing machine.  My main facebook challenge group ended but there is an "unofficial" one now that is still kind of keeping me accountable.  I still really like my fitness pal and would love to be friends if you are on there!  (stephaniekgb)

Hmmmmm.  What else??  We got Jawbones for Christmas and I am learning that 1.  I have a lot of sleep cycles (still researching this...not sure if I should worry or just stop wearing it at night because I usually feel rested) and 2.  It is damn hard to hit 10,000 steps.  I never have!  I have gotten to 8,000 so I could have pushed through but that is a LOT of laps around the living room.  :)

Nick has been playing hot wheels for a long time and not telling me his every move.  Thank you, Jesus.

Speaking of Jesus, I'm so thankful to be here at the start of another year.



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