Monday, June 29, 2015

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I can't believe so many days have passed!  Last week felt very busy and I'm going to try my hardest to make this week a little calmer.

Let's see, last Tuesday.  I mowed the lawn and the kids played outside a lot.  After playing in our pool,

Ruby and Brennan got to go to their friend's house to swim in a real one.  James is re-reading Harry Potter this summer so they watched the first movie over.

On Wednesday I met Wendy to run, we met my sister at Exeter park to play in the river,
 (insert river photo here that will not send from my phone)
Later I met some friends out for a beer and put make up on for the first time in what felt like forever.  Documented with a selfie as it felt momentous.

On Thursday there was a Joyce Meyer devotional that really spoke to me (they usually do, honestly) but I forgot to copy it.  :(  It was basically about accepting others how they are and loving them, not trying to change them.  Think more about how you can change yourself.  Good stuff for marriage and lots of relationships, I think. 

Thursday night James was going to a birthday sleepover and we had a big discussion about him skipping college for kids the next morning.  I first said we paid a lot of money for it (we did) and I felt he should go.  Him missing was like throwing $35 away, we calculated.  He said that was like one ebay sale for me.  I said something like "If I had an ebay sale now THEN you would know it was from God." Then Patrick said he felt it would be okay and I kind of was one day.  So I told James he could go.  Then he felt bad about the money and couldn't decide.  So I told him REALLY, no guilt, just go.  And then, AS I LIVE AND BREATHE, my phone cha-chinged and I sold a bra for...34.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I gasped and told James he was not going to believe this.  When I told him he jumped up and said, "I'm going!!!"  :)  It was so cute.  I feel like that was God showing James that he cares about every little part of his life.  That He loves him.  so sweet.

How crazy is it that God shows us love through ebay????????????????  :)  perfect.

So he went to the sleep over and stayed late in the morning and had a great time.  Later I dropped him and the birthday boy off to fish for a while:

Friday afternoon we went over to my friend Carolyn's house to visit and snuggler her new little baby boy.  Another friend and her son came too and their were neighbor kids over and I think the total was 11 kids??  Crazy town.  James, Matthew & Cole played chess for quite a while.  They are 3 peas in a pod.

On Saturday I got up and worked and cleaned and then went to Dig & Save!  Yay!!  It was so fun.  I hadn't been there by myself in almost a month.  happy sigh.  I stayed a long time and then got groceries and went home and napped for an hour.  (old) Then we went to Annie & Ronan's for Eli's birthday!

We stayed until 11:00 (so glad I got that nap) and ate delicious food and drank delicious drinks and had a fire.  It was such a fun night.

On Sunday Patrick had to work, Ruby was at grandma's for most of the day (she had slept over) so the boys and I just hung out.  We played catch, Old Maid, practiced riding a bike (Nick), colored, read, slept a little, James went to a friend's house.  It was a good day.

Now it's Monday again!  I figured out my June totals yesterday and felt really good about it.  I worked 40 hours in June (well, the last 4 weeks) and averaged $32/hour!  Yay!  I will stop talking about that now, in such a specific way, because I feel like I'm bragging.  I hope it doesn't seem that way.  I do feel proud of that, though.  I find it validating.  I don't ever tell people in real life how much I make but it feels like quite a few people don't take what I do seriously.  I consciously work on not downplaying it myself, but it's hard because it sounds so random.  :)  My goal for the fall (it would be amazing!) to keep up that hourly rate but double my working hours to 20/week.  More of that time will be spent shopping and more listing so we will see.  I would love to be making double what I am now...our bank account would love it, too.  :)

Happy new week, my dear ones!!  xoxoxox

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

14 15 16 17

It's been a while!  I (sadly) woke up at 5am on my day off from meeting Wendy at 6.  sigh.  I wish I could sleep in!!!  What does it take?  Maybe drugs would work?  :)

I'll get right to it.  Last Friday was about 100 years ago.  I don't remember much but I did sit on the patio and read for a while.  James kept popping up in the window to chat with me:

 That night James had Matthew stay over and our neighbors had a fire.  The kids played outside until really late and ate a lot of smores.  Patrick showed them was so bright.  There were also sparklers. 

On Saturday my darling husband started mounting the hardware for our suspended ceiling in the m.l.l. 

He worked on it most of the afternoon while the kids played.  Ruby and I colored for a long time.  Matthew stayed until 4pm...they had a nice cycle going of Minecraft, Legos, Outside, Repeat.  After I dropped Matthew off I left for a while.  I needed some kid free time and it was very nice.  I went to a couple goodwills and got some groceries.  I found one linen outfit to sell (FLAX) and a really nice pair of high Sorel boots for myself for $6.29.  (yay!) 

(mine don't look quite that good but a little scrub up and they will be just fine.  I like them because they are so tall.)

These Yasso bars we like were on sale at Target so I stocked up.

I also got some Michelob Ultra Cider to try and we LOVE it.  Our favorite drink this summer are the Cayman Jack margaritas (delicious):
but the cider is a delicious alternative when they are all sold out.  (and half the calories, too!)

Related:  Last Monday I had an ICE cold Michelob Ultra beer with our pizza and it was SO good.  Having it that cold made such a difference.  Yum. 

On Sunday we had a quiet morning and then went to the Mallards game that afternoon with Annie and Ronan and the boys. 

It was super hot so we left a bit early and went to a nearby little beach where everyone (except James and I) waded and played in the water.  Then we came home, the kids showered, and Ruby went back out to play with her friend until I dragged her in at 9:30.

Yesterday we had major rain and 75mph winds.  Our neighbor's trampoline blew into the yard next door and was hung up on that deck.  :(  It damaged the other house a bit and was pretty bent up but I see this morning that Chris fixed it.  After the torrential rain stopped I went out to help Rachel get it back in their yard and it was too heavy for the two of us.  Right as Rachel was saying, "If we just had one more person..." our other neighbor Noelle came out of her house.  :)  Her daughter came out too and with the 4 of us we got it over the fence and staked that sucker down.  The kids just played all afternoon while I cleaned up the house and got ready for date night. 

My mom came at 5 and I stopped at one thrift store (golf balls for James and 3 books for Ruby) and then met Patrick at Chipotle.  I inhaled my was so good.  Then we laid on a blanket and watched a show together on his iPad and then went for a bike ride.  It was a really nice, relaxing night. 

Summer, so far, is both exhausting and relaxing. 


Nick things: He calls Patrick & I "bosses."  Sometime in the past I had told him that we were the bosses (bossi?) in our family and now he refers to us as well as other adults as the bosses.  hahaha, cracks me up.  He also still says punch fruit for fruit punch.  "Wiwwy?" for really?  Oh, and Wuby.  (he has made great strides in his speech but still has some mispronunciations.)  (love it.)


Friday, June 19, 2015

day 13

Good morning!

Yesterday was a good day, less time in the van!  Hooray!

I met my friend for a walk in the morning and then came home and brought James to school.  Then it was swimming where I laid in the grass and read my book while the kids swam.  :)  (no shame) After we got James at 1:00 we got dirt and then planted some flowers and picked up the patio area.  (lots of berries yesterday!)  Then they all did random things (legos, read, fight) until their beloved electronic hour at 4pm.  Then I made them go outside while I worked a bit and made dinner.  (I may or may not have locked the door at some point.)  I made ribs for the first time in years and they turned out soooooooo good.  yum.  Patrick found his missing laser level that he needed to find to move on to the next step in the m.l.l.*.  Then I worked a bit more and the kids played outside (willingly as the neighbor was home) and then it was bedtime.

One of our favorite moments of the day is when we lay down in our bed and stretch out.  We just look at eachother like, "Oh yes.  This is good."  Especially if we have ice cream bars in our hands.  I love the Yasso greek yogurt ones.  :)

It is painfully boring to type this out but it was a very nice day.  :)  I am SO HAPPY because I finally finished listing the last batch of clothes I had taken pics of for listing.  I have a rule for myself now that I can't list anything "new" until I have listed everything I previously took pictures of.  ugh.  It took me 2 or 3 weeks to get through that last batch.  By the end it's all the crap that I never should have bought in the first is painful.  :)  So, today I get to take new pictures!  Yay!  I think it will be all shirts, I have a TON.  But maybe men's stuff?  I have some money makers in that pile, I think.  (I hope.)

Have a good Friday friends!  I woke Nick up this morning and his first words were, "TODAY we get ice cream."  haha.  They get an ice cream treat after swimming on Fridays and it took forever this week.  :)


*mythical lower level

Thursday, June 18, 2015

days 11,12

Good morning! 

Let's see.  Day 11 would have been Tuesday.  After being home all day Monday I wanted to get out on Tuesday.  And, bonus, it was gorgeous outside.  After James got done with summer school we drove to the UW for a bike ride.

I have to say that getting all the bikes properly loaded up and then unloaded left me nearly spent.  :)  Contributing to that was the fact that I put the bike rack on upside down the first time.  hahaha! 

The bike ride itself was beautiful, I love that bike path.  It isn't very long, however, and soon we were at the Memorial Union/State Street area which was teeming with people and cars...not the best situation.  After a bit we turned around and rode back.  Everyone enjoyed the ride but next time we are going to try a longer path.  You now have to pay to park at the lot I always have used and when we pulled in to the only open spot (God) the man who was leaving got out of his car and gave me his parking ticket, good for another 2 hours.  He said he had accidentally paid for too much time.  Awwwww.  I told the kids last time I was there the same exact thing happened only I was the one who paid for too long and then gave my ticket away.  A second after telling them the story another man came over and offered me his ticket.  HAHAHAHA.  I think they are running a racket over there in that lot.  It was pretty sweet, though, all the ticket sharing.

 See how happy they all look?

After that we went and got the boys haircuts and then some fro yo.  We came home and I mowed the lawn, shared a drink with Patrick, and then stayed up way too late watching a really dumb movie.   (The Kingsman.  I can't even.)

Yesterday, otherwise known as Day 12, was very special.  I vow to never let this happen again.  Here is what it looked like:

6:00 meet Wendy to run, drive home
8:00 bring Nick to school, drive home
9:40 drop James off, pick Nick up, drive home
10:20 go to swimming lessons, drive home
1:00 pick James up, drive home to drop him off
1:15 drive to pool, stay until 2:15, drive home
3:30 drive to grocery store, drive home
4:30 drive to library, drive home

There were supposed to be 3 more trips in there but my friends & chemicals saved me.  Once by another mom giving Nick a ride home from Brody's (he went there after the pool), once by Wendy picking Ruby up for the sleepover instead of me dropping her off and once by water aerobics getting cancelled due to the chemicals in the pool being off.  (I was bummed but also relieved.)  HOLY COW.  That was sickening.  Even though all of those trips take me less than 2 minutes, it was so annoying.  All of our bikes are still loaded on the van or some of them would have been bike trips instead, which is so much better.  I was too lazy to unload them but I paid the price. :)

My friend texted me to go for a walk with her last night and even though I really wanted to see her, I declined.  I needed my bed more than anything.  :) I was asleep before it was dark out.

Glad that is over!  Moving on.

Ruby isn't taking any summer school classes and I am kind of happy for her.  When we are home, she has so much time on her hands and is doing a pretty good job of filling it.  Her room is filled with tiny cute things and she is spending lots of time in there playing.  She is also doing her Wreck This Book, reading, writing in a journal, playing outside, playing her tablet, watching TV, hanging with me, playing with her brothers, etc.  Hers feels like an old school summer, which is kind of cool.  

James chose to take 2 classes right now: cooking and mosaic & glass etching.  I loved his choices and he is loving the classes.  He is making really good things daily and then eating them.  :)  They've made homemade pasta, muffins, calzones, omelets & french toast, smoothies and coffee cake.  He is done with this summer school on Friday, though, and starts one at the UW next Monday.

Last spring he signed up for College for Kids, which goes for 3 weeks from 8-12:45 every day.  It was a neat opportunity and we were proud of him for getting offered the spot as only 2 (soon to be) 6th graders from our district did.  (bragging, proud)  I really hope he has fun!  It sounded like an awesome experience and he has really cool classes (metal work, sign language, and a space one) but I hope he doesn't feel like he is missing summer.  I just looked and he has 7 full weeks off afterwards.  I'm gonna stop worrying, he will be fine.  :)

I will leave you with Nick & his buddy at the pool yesterday:


p.s.  Sarah, do not be too sad about little Jude getting bigger.  If he is a snuggler now, he will be then, too.  It might even start to feel a little strange.  :)  (but not too much, not yet.)  xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxox

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

day 10, i'd do it again

Good morning!

Day 10 was fun but looooooong.  My mom came to watch the kids at 4:45 and I was SO happy to see her!! I practically ran out of the house.

First off, my kids are so funny.  They make me laugh all day.  Even when they are hanging on my ankles.  (literally.)

Yesterday morning we had summer school and swimming lessons.  It stopped raining just in time for swimming.  Yay!  Ruby is a really good swimmer.

After James got home, he & I texted back and forth with Patrick for a while, ending things with this selfie:

James thinks selfies are hilarious.  I love emoticons.  We are quite the pair.

We played catch in the house until that got out of hand and then rode our bikes to the library.

After that we had a snack and Ruby decided to relax with some of the cukes on her eyeballs.  Then she decided to eat them.

Nick does whatever Ruby does.  (drives her bonkers/leaves her smitten)

Date night consisted of pizza and beer and booth snuggling (gag) and a short walk.  Everything was too wet and buggy to really enjoy being outside so we just came home.  It was really nice, though.  We learned that if we want to get a bike ride in, do it BEFORE pizza and beer.

Rachel (my neighbor) gave me a Bucky Book (local coupon book) which is going to be so nice for date nights!

okay, got to get nick up.

Have a good day!


eta, remember:

S:  Nick, I am sucker for a good cuddle.
N:  What does that mean?
S:  (thinking)
N: That you are a big fan of it?
S:  exactly.  :)

Nick saying "punch fruit" instead of fruit punch.

Monday, June 15, 2015

days 7-9, summer 2015

Good morning!  How the heck are ya?  :)  I am good.  My hair is still wet from my walk/run with Wendy at 6am...2.5 hours ago.  Ponytails take forever to dry, don't they?? 

Last Friday (day 7) also began with a walk in the rain.  We started the Couch to 5K over again.  I'm not sure why??  Because it's a challenge??  ugh.  Anyways.  It's been 2 times in a row and now we'd like to run everyday in the rain.  It is soooooo nice!!!  Here is a selfie:

I am trying to remember what else we did that day.  Oh yeah!  James had his last day of Red Cross training and I took the two younger children to the park, the dig and the grocery store.  They were so boooooooored at dig & save until I gave them my "special" look and they quickly came up with a game to amuse themselves...hiding a ball in my cart full of clothes and having the other one find it.  HAHAHHAHAHHAA. We were not there long at all but I did find some good stuff so I was happy.  I also listed a lot that day and got my painting done.  Yay!  My mom came over for dinner.  It was a good day!

On Saturday I woke up early but by about 10am I didn't feel so well.  I went and laid down and slept for almost 3 hours!  Felt good.  It was a rainy day and Patrick got our room all set up for me with the bottle of emergen-C, dayquil, my book, a glass of water and took all electronics out.  :)  I did feel better when I got up.  I don't remember what we did then.  The kids played outside a lot.  Oh, Patrick took them to the park.  A lazy day.  V. nice.

Sunday was church and then a park and then the Jurassic Park movie.  We all really liked it except Nick who got scared and then thankfully fell asleep.  (shut down...hahahaahaha.)  Then we came home and ended up meeting Wendy at the pool a while later.  The children went to bed early. 

My fingernails are so long I can barely type.  Not sure how this happened but I must take care of it today.  creepy!!

I was behind on my listing goal for last week (25 items/week) but I rallied on Friday & Saturday and got them all done.  Yay!  I am finally keeping track of my hours worked this month after thinking about doing it for about 6.  :)  I have worked 21 hours so far and averaged $30/hour.  That made me so happy!  That was after all costs/ebay fees but before taxes.  Last week I had a couple big sales so my average is up.  If I am even at $20/hr by the end of the month I will feel good.

That being said, it's time to get some work done!  xoxo

Friday, June 12, 2015

summer jamz, day 6

HAHAHAHA.  Just kidding re: the post title.  hahahhahaa.

Day 6 was a snooze fest in a good way.  My goals were:  fold laundry (CHECK), watch bachelorette (CHECK), make dinner (BARELY BUT CHECK), not eat all the cake by myself (GRUDGINGLY BUT CHECK).  Yes!

Ruby and I also baked banana bread, which was fun.  Ruby has never had much interest in baking so I was happy when she said she'd help me.  While James is a fairly precise and conscientious cook, Ruby is more like a tasmanian devil.  hahaha.  She mashed the bananas with gusto and happily dug into the flour jar.  She seemed to laugh the whole time.  It was really cute and the bread turned out yummy!  I hope we can do more baking together this summer.

James is taking the Red Cross babysitting course this week so he has been gone 10-5 (that plus his other 2 classes) the last 2 days.  Today he gets done at 3 and is so glad it will be OVER.  Yesterday he told me they spent hours feeding, burping, bottle feeding and diapering fake babies.  hahahaha.  He isn't planning on hiring himself out, he just wants us to leave him home alone for longer periods.  :)

I also got back to listing yesterday so that feels good!  This is the first week so I am going easy on myself but I do need to find a way to fit that in.

peace out, peeps.


eta:  goals:  list 10 items, put second coat on lower level section

Thursday, June 11, 2015

sj15, day 5

I am going to have to come up with some sort of title that flows a little better for my summer journal.  Ideas?

My house is trashed.  I am behind on laundry.  My van is a disaster.  Even the garage is full of piles of crap that actually belong to my brother and sister.  (thanks Dad!) :)  I haven't listed a single thing all week. We have an adorable bunny in our yard that just discovered our strawberry patch.  I am behind on the Bachelorette.  Patrick has a bad cold and his coughing is hurting his back that was already hurting.

BUT.  I am another year older and, dare I say, slightly wiser.  (by God's grace.)  Yesterday was my birthday and it was a good one.  Ruby was waiting by the door when I got home from my morning walk/run (started c25k again...ugh.) with a huge hug and sweet card.  My mom baked me lemon bread and gave me some cold hard cash to spend on myself.  I went to water aerobics and it was as good as I remembered.  I didn't have to cook dinner.  Birthday cake.  I took my 2 youngest kids to the zoo and they wanted to take selfies with me and hold my hand.  Patrick tucked me in at 9pm and slept hard until 5:45.  A good day.

It has been such a good year.  I struggled with some things but I felt God's presence through it all.  If I think over the past year what stands out to me is that God wants me to come to him with everything, big and small.  He cares about all of it and will help me with all of it.  I knew that, of course, but saw it and felt it so clearly over and over all year.  I hope this year is more of the same.  :)  (p.s  He wants the same thing for you.)

One more thing.  I can't remember if I wrote about this or not, so please forgive me if I have.  Patrick and I were driving home one night sometime last winter and got pissy with each other.  It was over something stupid and I was praying because I was so irritated but didn't want to make it worse.  I wouldn't say I heard a voice or anything but the words "LOVE HIM" came into my head so strongly.  It was that simple.  Just love my husband.  The little stuff doesn't really matter, you know?  I am so thankful for that night and try to tell myself that when things are getting hairy.  Just love him.  or her or whoever, I think.  So thankful for that clear reminder.

And now I will add some pictures!  Our first berry, pre-bunny discovery.

 At the Field Museum:
 James was contemplating riding down the front steps:

 Nick really loved the bat wings.  Like, REALLY.

 Down in the guts of the earth.  gross.

 At the zoo yesterday.  There is a new bear area.

 Museum stragglers.

Goals for the day:  fold laundry, watch bachelorette, make dinner, not eat all the cake by myself.  (it's raining...actually just what I needed to catch up a bit.)


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

sj15, d1-4

Good morning, dear ones. 

School ended last Friday and I decided to try and do my summer journal like last year.  I do have some pictures for this post but haven't got them off of my camera.  (my bad.)  Maybe I will edit them in later.  :)

So I guess last Saturday would have been day 1 of our summer!  I went to Trader Joe's and got coffee with Wendy, Ruby went to Little Amerikka for the day with her friend and the boys stayed home and did boy stuff.  (??)  That afternoon we went for a bike ride and bought a small pool for them to play with on the patio.  We picked our first strawberry from our little patch in the backyard.  I grilled hamburgers.  yum.

On Sunday we went to church and I loved it.  Tim Mackie was back (he left for Portland a couple of years ago) and gave a great sermon that touched on how Heaven will be rejoined with earth someday, which is my greatest hope.  :)  If you want to see a little illustrated video, you can watch it here.  After church we went to a girl scout ceremony for Ruby and then a while later my Dad and Mari got in to town!  I had had an amazing weekend of sales so I stayed home to get some shipping done while Patrick took the kids to Annie & Ronan's for a bbq.  Andrea was working so Ronan did all the prep himself, which I thought was so sweet.  It was a fun night, they have an amazing yard, and we had a fire when Andrea got home, etc etc. 

Monday morning was a trip to the Field Museum.  Talk about traffic.  ugh.  BUT, it ended up being a lot of fun and my kids all had fun, too.  That being said, I have never been so happy to get home in all my life.  We all piled into bed with Patrick when we got home (he stayed home to work) and they all told him about their favorite part of the day.  It was cute.  The next morning Nick mumbled to me how the fire at Jacob's and the museum with Grandpa was so fun.  :) 

Yesterday was the first day of summer school so we did all of that, had swimming lessons and then relaxed.  I mowed the lawn.

I hope this boring letter finds you well.



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