every time

Every time I think about writing I get overwhelmed with everything I haven't posted about.  Instead of trying to catch up, I'm just going to try to start and see what happens.  :) 

I wonder why blogger doesn't have emojis yet??? 

Well, it's summer!  Almost the end of June already...crazy.  I hope your summer is off to a good start!  Ours has been going well.  School got out just in time.  Seriously, May is the craziest month ever...I think even worse than December.  I went overboard signing up to help with things this year and learned my lesson.  Next year they will get nothing from me.  hahaha.  Maybe someday I will find that happy medium?  (probably not.)

The kids started summer school, 3 hours a morning, right after school got out.  That ends this Friday and that is when shit gets real. 

side note:  Should I stop swearing on here now that my kids can read it??  We have always taught them that swearing is bad and they might be still too young (Ruby at least) to understand the perfection that is a perfectly placed curse word...

I think this is enough for one day.  I feel my energy lagging.  HAHAHA.  Just kidding, just feeling blah so I will come back when I'm more in the mood.



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