south dakota, days 1 & 2

So, we just got back from South Dakota!  I wanted to share some (a LOT) of pictures.  :)  It was amazing and we all loved it.  We are already talking about our trip back someday.

The day we left we drove to my brother & Erin's house in Aberdeen. SD.  We marveled at how empty the landscape was as we were driving.  And how windy!  Patrick liked it...once we got past Minneapolis there was almost no traffic.

It was so good to see them and where they live, etc.  Their house is so cute and I wanted almost everything in it.  :)  I had some pics of their deck but I can't find it.  Anyways, they had cute little lights strung in the tree and it looked so cozy.  The kids were thrilled to have the whole basement to themselves and an open wifi signal. 

The second day we just hung out all morning and then went to lunch and then to Wiley Park.  Pictures of this follow:

 Ruby took this selfie:

 James wasn't loving the fairy tale part but he hung in there after a short pep talk (threat.)  ;)  He is almost 13!!!!!  kills me.

 Patrick & Nick:
 Thomas and Erin took all these next pics of us on the boats:  (I got SOAKED but it was around 95 (and windy!) so it felt good.)

 And they surprised me with this adorable shot:
  After the boats we let the kids swim for a long time in a small lake/pond and then went back to their house and ate a delicious dinner. 

That's all for today.  xoxoxo


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