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One of my oldest and dearest friends passed away last week.  It still doesn't seem real and I'm finding my feelings all over the place about it all.

Janelle has battled colon cancer for the last 7.5 years.  She has a husband and 2 kids that are 15 (or 16?) and 11.  She was a straight forward, hilarious, smart woman and I feel SO thankful for her.  I always have.  Her and Jolee and Cherie were my first friends I made as an adult and I loved (love) them so much.  I always felt so lucky that they would choose me to be friends with.

After some drama in junior high, I lost my best girl friends.  It was really awful.  In high school I made new friends, first at church then at school, and felt really good about that time but I still didn't have that close bond that I had lost.  Enter these 3...

They were everything to me.  Janelle is the one in front.  We all lived, worked and played together for years (my memory is foggy...haha).  We had so much fun and spent so many hours just talking.

When I think about those time, I loved all of our long talks the best.

When else in your life do you have time to just talk for hours?  Then go to the beach and talk some more?  :)  Only before kids, that is for sure.

Anyways.  Heartbreaking.  I can't believe she's gone.

Cherie, Jolee and I have been sharing all the random sad, funny, guilty, angry feelings we've been having and that has helped a lot.  It's all pretty normal and it all sucks.

Oh yeah, Christmas is next week!  :)

Last night Patrick had his work Christmas dinner so I took the kids to IHOP (random) and to see the lights at Olin Park.  Dinner wasn't the tastiest but I had a really nice time and I think they did, too.  I just love them.

James ordered an iced tea at dinner and then Ruby decided to as well.  It arrived a few minutes later...unsweetened.  haha!  We joked about that stupid iced tea all night.

Ruby is up now and is opening her Advent calendar.  I have wanted to get them Lego Advent calendars for years and I finally did it and they all love them.



  1. Oh honey. So so sorry for your loss.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about Janelle, Steph. I had even forgotten about her cancer. So sad for her family too. Praying for you. Love you! XO, Cousintine


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