one story of God's provision

This story is from last fall.  I don't think I ever shared it, forgive me if I did.  I had written it all out after the fact and found it this morning in my financial papers.  I just really felt like I wanted to share it as it was and is amazing to me.  :)

Last September I got my check from Half Pint and saved it for Christmas gifts as I usually do.  It's normally right around a thousand dollars.

In October we found out Patrick would have one week furlough (UNPAID) and started saving what we could to cover it.  I started praying to trust God and not freak out about this.  Money stuff has always been hard for me.  I want to control everything.  ha!

In November I started Christmas shopping and had the tiny thought (which I feel was the Holy Spirit) to see how much I could pay for without touching that Half Pint check.

We also found out there would be 3 additional furlough days in December.  (His company didn't have the best year last year.  That had been bought out the year before and it was a tough transition.)

In December I kept using ebay money to pay for our Christmas gifts and to cover the unpaid time.  We also found out that Patrick's Dad wanted to come and help us finish the bathroom in the Mythical Lower Level.  How could we turn down that offer even though we didn't have any bathroom money saved??

I ended up paying for all the gifts with money made on ebay and started saving every bit we could for upcoming bills and the bathroom.

Patrick needed new tires.  We took the money out of savings and found out, SURPRISE, there was going to be ONE MORE FURLOUGH WEEK.  (so, that made 13 unpaid days...1/24 of his annual salary...gone)  He could have used vacation days but we didn't find that out in time so it was all unpaid.

I found out I needed $500 dental work.  Meanwhile, I was still praying and shopping like crazy.  Ebay was super busy and I was feeling God's peace...wasn't worrying.

In January we saved more for the bathroom, the money for my tooth, paid extra on our loan.  Found out about one last furlough week.  Prayed hard.  We still had an "extra check" coming up.  (one of those 2x during the year you get 3 checks instead of 2.  you understand if you're paid bi-weekly.  :)  )

We got the extra check and for whatever reason, it was half the size.  (I cannot remember now.)  Pray. No Panic.  Trust God.

Ebay was SO busy.  My dad gave us some money for Christmas that we weren't expecting.  He also gave us a free toilet.  We found beautiful tile and a sink on Craigslist and Patrick drove all over to get them with me and he hates Craigslist.  pray, pray, pray.

His Dad came, bathroom got finished with that Half Pint money we still had. Had enough money to pay bills.

Get next check, it was the full amount when we were expecting half.  WHAT???  It feels extravagant and we put lots of money back into our savings.

sigh.  What a crazy few months that was, all over Christmas.

So, in a nutshell.  While we ended up missing out on a big chunk of salary, having unexpected bills come up and a strange opportunity to remodel a room (that was the first time his dad has ever come to our house in 20 years), God provided us with EVERYTHING we needed and we got a second bathroom??  I still can't even believe how crazy it all felt as it was happening.

I felt so loved and taken care of and I know Patrick did, too.  He was under a lot of stress at work so I feel like I tried to burden him with the least amount that I could.  Instead of freaking out that he wasn't going to be bringing home the usual amount of money I turned to God.  It was such a learning experience in the best way possible and I am so thankful for it.  It's hard to put into words.  Just wanted to share.



  1. That's awesome, Steph! Thank you for sharing. Love you.


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