The other morning I was leaving for the gym and Nick asked me to put on a "food show or something" for him first.

After many years of wanting to, I have finally started lifting some weights.  I got my gym membership back in October and started then.  I am following a beginner program now that I found online but started by just doing each of the nautilus machines.  It is fun and I like it much more than cardio.  I'm not trying to get big muscles, just use the ones I have so i don't lose them.

I have purchased myself lots of gifts for Christmas this year.  The thrifty part of me admits that they were all pretty affordable, but it was still a lot.  I had a little help from these Boston Store coupons that I have received twice now.  I think they are straight from heaven.  :)  They have come in a little flyer in the mail that I opened up just by chance the first time...normally those go right in the recycling as I don't normally shop there.  Anyways, they include $15 off of a $15+ cosmetic purchase, $35 off of a $35+ accessories or footwear purchase and $50 off of a $50+ clothing purchase.  They work on everything except clearance.  !!  I will never know who decided to put me on this list but I am so thankful!  I did use the clothing one on Patrick but purchased some Philosophy body wash (MARGARITA!) (totally going to start drinking more, I bet) and a new purse for myself.  It was fun.  Patrick keeps asking me what I want for Christmas and I'm like NO REALLY, nothing.  Trust me.  hehe.

James is almost 13.  I can't even discuss that today.  It feels like there is another adult-like person in the house now.  He is thoughtful about things and talks to me about some of his feelings.  He is super responsible about school and really is enjoying this year so far.  He also really likes hugs.  Not to build him up too much, he still lives to torment Nick and still doesn't know when to stop sometimes.  He is still obviously a kid but you see the adult underneath glimmering sometimes...it is hard to explain but amazing and I'm sure you know what I mean if you have big kids.

Ruby is hilarious.  She is just so funny and her humor is often spot on.  I feel the same about her as James in some ways, at 10.  She is still a little girl in lots of ways but her "young lady" is showing.  :)  She is really enjoying this year at school as well.  She loves reading and writing and her math is coming along.  Her teacher commented on her perseverance at conferences and a lightbulb popped in my head.  She has struggled with math for so long but HAS NOT given up.  I love her teacher for turning my mind in that direction.  Ruby, your determination is amazing.  Love that.

Nick is difficult after school some days but is doing so well at school.  His teacher says he is a leader and he often comes home with these "Hoot Hoot Hooray" certificates that mean he had a great day.  :)  Mrs. Kman said this particular class goes nuts for those things.  heehee, At home he can be whiny and spoiled and I wonder whose fault that is??  He also still loves to cuddle and loves James and Ruby like crazy.  (although he tries to hide it, especially with James.)  We are trying to get this kid on the right track.  He does finally wipe his own butt now.  ahem.

Patrick is good.  I could write volumes about him and us but will restrain myself because he is so private.  He is good, though.  I am so thankful for him.

Right now I should be listing but this was fun!  I should get to work now.  I normally wake up around 5 and was fine with that because it was my choice.  Now Milo, our damn cat, wakes me up every day, normally between 4:30 and 5:00.  BITTER.



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