if you give your daughter a wardrobe

she's going to want a bed to go with it.

It all started because Ruby wanted a new dresser, specifically, a wardrobe.

When the kids were babies I got them nice dressers at Target...nice for me.  They were roomy and lightweight.  They were Sterlite.  :)  (and, after googling them, they aren't made anymore but some Amazon sellers have them and have priced accordingly.  gulp.  I paid around $60, I think?)

Fast forward 10 years and my little girl isn't feeling the plastic dresser anymore.  (I, on the other hand, still love them.  They are 10 and 12 years old and going strong!)

She's actually been saying this for a while so I've been saving for it and told her I'd go to Ikea after Christmas.  Then she asked for a matching bed, please, and James was down for a new dresser, too.

We ended up selling Ruby's old Ikea bed and that covered most of the cost of her new one.  She also ended up getting a nice wardrobe.  James got a dresser, said he didn't want a bed.  (now he also wants a bed, naturally.)  I also thought, hey, I've wanted a bed for YEARS.  So I got one.  On Amazon? yes.  And I love it!

So this started this big ball of taking beds apart, selling on facebook and craigslist (hashtag nightmare), sorting through every toy and dresser in the house, going to ikea, putting all the ikea furniture together, moving other dressers around, new curtains, re-organizing all of my ebay inventory storage, painting dressers*, putting Amazon bed together, moving big sections of the basement around, painting our bedroom* and oh, buying a new to us TV.

*still not done

This was all last week.  There were also 2 days off and 2 days I had to be at school for other commitments and then early release on Friday. I was so looking forward to this being a normal week with a break from the organizing and everything else (kids).  ha.  Monday I did get to work all day.  Yesterday morning James was in the spelling bee (3rd place!!  Yay, James.  He did so well, I love watching his process.) and then Nick had a ENT appt.  Today school was just cancelled.  hahahahahha.


Turns out Nick's adenoids are HUGE.  Like, really big.  The photo below shows "enlarged" adenoids.  I call bullshit.  Nick's are like 3 times that size.  Not even kidding.  The doc couldn't see around them.

They are recommending surgery to remove them which really stinks BUT I am hoping the benefits will be great.  Poor Nick with his nasally little voice and reduced nasal breathing.  Who knew???  (His speech teacher suggested I take him to get checked.  No one else has ever wondered why he has always sounded like he had a cold...even me!  We just thought it was speech related.  She discovered that when she had him speak without using certain letters, he sounded totally different.  Pretty impressed with her.)  These hulking adenoids definitely affect his speech, breathing, sleep and more.

Before I go, I would also like to mention how envious I was of Ruby and her new wardrobe and organizers.  She spent the whole day in there going through all of her clothes, getting rid of stuff and sorting everything else.  She has little baskets for her socks, etc.  It took ALL I HAD not to jump in and help her but I didn't.  She gets it.  She feels it.  She is a natural at organizing.

James, on the other hand, grabbed everything from his old dresser and smooshed it into his new one.  Including taking the pile that was on top of the old one and plopping it onto the new one.  He is such a 13 year old boy.  (I love 13 year old boys.)

I love seeing how they all are so different.  Through all of this, Nick doesn't care at all.  He said he doesn't want anything new, not even curtains.  He cried when I switched his dresser to a bigger one.  :)  (but he did come around.)

So, that was my last week.


p.s.  none of these links are affiliate links because I don't have my shit together.  xoxo


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