poor Ruby

Last night Ruby came home with 30 (THIRTY) math problems.  I made the mistake of letting her do some electronic time before she started.  Then she needed my help but Nick had a couple of friends over and then when they left it was time to start dinner so I was helping her in between doing other stuff.  She worked on those problems on and off for 3 hours.  By 8pm (her bedtime - go into her room time) she was DONE.  I was also done.  She was laying on the floor by me and just writing down whatever, like she didn't even care.  (um, she didn't.) I totally YELLED at her.  about DIVISION.  ugh.  It was awful.  She started crying and ran up to her room.  I followed a minute later but she wasn't ready to forgive me yet.  ha.  Thankfully, it didn't last long.  We hugged and I told her how sorry I was.  We agreed she should get some sleep and try again in the morning.  Everything is better in the morning.

She just came down, it's 6am.  She had done the rest of her problems and got them all right.  I squeezed her and apologized again.  I told her I will never be perfect but I will never stop trying to be better.




  1. This sounded oh so familiar to me. I've been there and survived it with my boys. You will too :)


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