saturday morning

I am normally an early riser.  I love those morning hours, I particularly like working and having coffee during them.  There is something cozy about it.

But then we got Milo.

the cat.

Milo has been waking me up at 4:30 to feed him and it is killing me!!  I am bitter and angry instead of happy and peaceful.  haha!  It's true, though.  Way to ruin my life, Milo.

If we shut our door, he just wakes up the kids.  

So, anyways.  Patrick has promised to start giving him a night cap, so to speak, and this morning he didn't get bossy until 6:15.  I could have kissed his furry face.  I hope this works.

I want to go back to getting up at 5 or 5:30.  ON MY OWN, Milo.

In other news.  So, I got way off track health wise when Janelle went into Hospice and then passed away.  I was sad and had a lot on my mind and just took exercising and eating right off of my to do list.  And then it was Christmas and then our trip to the lodge.  Now I need to get it back and it is so hard.  It is always hard, every time.  And then once it clicks, it is so good, I love it so much.  It's bizarre, really.

After thinking about why I avoided it every day this week, I determined that I think it's because I love these early hours at my computer too much.  It makes me sad to give them up to go to the gym.  And so I decided that I will work in the morning and then go to the gym at 8am right after I drop the kids off and then come home and work some more.  (MWF are my home work days, T TH are shopping days.)  I am out anyways so it's almost perfect!  I will throw another visit in on an evening or on the weekend.  I'm excited to try it next week and see how it goes.  I love solving problems.  :)  Or, actually, trying to come up with solutions. 

After that awful math night, Ruby came home with 24 more problems.  There was a minute where it almost went south but we held in there and she did so well.  Thanks, Mim, for the reminder.  :)  This too shall pass.

Nick only allows me to kiss him in the morning and the evening now.  He still likes to cuddle but the kisses?  He just cannot.  Last night he crawled into our bed at some point because of a nightmare.  When I scooted over (we have a Queen now so there's not as much room) he put both of his little hands on my cheeks and gave me a big kiss.  (If I could, I would insert a heart eyes emoji here.)

As far as work goes, it's been good.  I am trying to increase my listings, always a struggle, and I have a neat chart (naturally) that is working out well.  My goal is 200 listings this month.  That is probably 75 more than usual so it's a big jump.  

We did have a very nice Christmas.  We went to church and my mom's house Christmas Eve and then everyone came to our house on Christmas Day.  On the 27th we met my brother and Erin and my Dad and Mari (they came a day later) at a resort.  We stayed in 2 connecting lodges and it was a lot of fun!  It was good to get home, too, and we had a quiet weekend before the kids went back to school.

Well, quiet in the sense of no plans.  It wasn't really quiet.

On New Years Eve we tried to go for a walk in the woods by our house.  Nick, almost immediately after getting out of the van, put his foot through a non-frozen ice rink.  We drove home and got him dry shoes and pants (no more boots) and headed back.  The woods were off the list due to no boots so we just walked around the park until Nick took the snowboard down a small hill and crashed.  He told me he was bleeding and I was like, "Whatever!" but he really was.  hahahha.  We ended up in the van while Patrick and the big kids played on some ice.  Then we went home for game night and snacks.  Scrabble first.  It was...interesting.  And Nick spilled my pop all over the table.  Then one of our kids didn't want to play.  Then another didn't want to.  It was pretty funny, really.  But, we were together and that's all I wanted.  Checkers was a little better.  We were all happy when it was time to watch a movie, I think.  :)  

On a different note, something just made me think of this.  

Have you gotten to a point in your life where opinions you once really valued start to not matter as much anymore?  They might almost become something that you have to work at ignoring graciously?  (or pray about, really.)  It is so interesting to me to see this happening with myself.  It must just be part of getting older and, I think, part of trusting God more.  Not that I don't value other people's opinions still but sometimes I just don't.  It's kind of freeing.  Also, it's like I have this little secret in my head.  heehee.  :)

Well, I hope you have a good day!!!  I hope I do, too.  xoxoxox



  1. Hi Stephanie! Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. I just started following yours and I've added it to the blog roll in my sidebar. I will be poking around catching up with your posts. BTW, I am a morning person too and my quiet time at the computer is something I cherish daily. :-)

  2. Thank you so much for reading and adding me! :) I hope this comes up as a reply...just switched things.


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