taking stock, mid-January

I am going to join (copy) Maggie who joined her friend in filling this list out, to catch everyone up on just about everything. 
Making :  We just got a new sheet set and never use the top sheet, I normally donate them.  On the other hand, we never have enough matching pillowcases for all of our bed pillows.  (we have 5) (do you see where this is going?)  Today I realized I could take that flat sheet and make MANY more matching pillowcases.  I am so excited!!
Cooking :   We are making paninis like crazy.  I am the Panini Queenie.  We had them for dinner last night and will probably have them again for lunch tomorrow.  Breakfast paninis, dessert paninis, standard paninis.  We love them all.  Cranberry mustard is a game changer.
Drinking : coffee.  
Reading:  The Memory of Lemon  (I love books involving food, particularly cake.)
Trawling: Thrift stores, always.  Earlier this week I went through the clothing racks at Goodwill, which I normally do not do.  I found All Saints, Johnny Was and Commune de Paris...brands I don't normally find.  It was an hour well spent.
Wanting: storage totes for my summer clothes that actually fit under our bed.
Looking: in all of our closets to find stuff to get rid of.
Deciding:  on Spring Break plans.  Or, at least starting to think about them.
Listening:  to Joyce Meyer podcasts.  I really love her.
Buying:   I have to get groceries today.  Trying to find the joy in that.  :)
Watching:   Alone on History Channel.  We love it!!
Marvelling:  at how quickly the day goes.
Cringing:  that we still have our outdoor Christmas decorations up.
Needing: to wash our van.
Questioning:  If I should start paint a dresser in mid-January.
Smelling: um, nothing.  My nose is almost constantly plugged.  I'm a little worried about it.
Wearing:  pajamas.
Selling:  Not much!  It's been a slow ebay week but I am plugging along on my listings...I'm over half way through my monthly goal and it's just the 13th.  (I know that is only a day or two ahead of schedule but I'll take it.  :)  )
p.s.  Patrick is giving Milo a late night snack and he isn't waking me up in the morning.  This is BIG NEWS.  So happy!!


  1. stole this because i have such trouble figuring out what to blog about lately.... :-)


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