chicago, day one

I recently took the kids to Chicago for a night with my mom and my sister and her family.  Our main goal was the Maggie Daley Park because our kids had loved it last time we were there.

We did go to the playground, and it is still awesome, but it was SO hot that day.  We ended up walking around, going to Navy Pier and then on a river tour.  It ended up being a really fun day, despite the heat.  I think the kids will always remember the long walk back to Millenium Park through rush hour traffic.  :)

Can you see the excitement in their faces??  hahaha!!  It was so hot.  James was not loving this but he dug deep and made some really good choices about his attitude that day.  I was proud of him.  I know he ended up having some fun.

I let Ruby order her first Starbucks drink with coffee in it.

Not pictured but I don't want to forget:  We stopped and listened to some men drumming on the street.  Afterwards 2 of them got in a fight and one kicked their donation bucket over and their money flew everywhere.  They were hollering and swearing up a storm.  I told my kids to GET MOVING as I didn't want them in the middle of a big fight. My mom didn't hear the fight, just saw the bucket go flying.  She, being the sweet grandma she is, stopped to help the young men.  I wasn't sure what to do and I know her actions helped diffuse the situation.  They stopped fighting and started helping her get the money and thanking her, then they turned and asked if the kids were alright.  I was thankful we could leave the situation laughing instead of feeling afraid.  



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