chicago, day two, aka IKEA

Our second day in Chicago was mainly spent at Ikea.  James and Ruby hadn't been there since they were pretty small and it was SO different being there with them now.

They wanted everything!!  :)

They both got new bedroom furniture last winter so they didn't need much (James got an office chair) but they loved looking at it all and seeing how they set all the rooms up, etc.  For James, having a space of his own doesn't seem quite as far off so I think he particularly enjoyed it.

I didn't really get a chance to look at much because they talked to me NONSTOP.  Oh well, I was there not too long ago.  I can't wait until one opens up near tolls!

We had stayed at a nearby hotel, cannot remember where right now, and the tub didn't drain in one of the rooms and there were some lights burnt out.  My mom told the manager on the way out, just so he could get it fixed, and he ended up comping the whole room!  Even the $19 movie we had rented for the kids the night before!  Even my $10 (GASP) bottle of beer!  He didn't say anything except apologize at the time, we found out when we got home.

Thanks, Mom.



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