little amerricka

I was planning on staying home yesterday.  I spent some time working in the morning and was having Ruby help me with my Half Pint resale prep.  (it's coming so fast!)  For some reason, I suddenly remembered I had purchased Little Amerricka groupons and when I checked them, sure enough, they were about to expire.

OH NO!!!  

jk.  :)  But I do hate missing a groupon.

I quickly finished my ebay shipping, gathered the children (including one extremely tired 13 year old who had just gotten back from a sleepover) and we headed to Marshall, WI.  

It was kind of chilly which was actually really nice.  Most years it is sweltering.

James wasn't super into it.  He mainly wanted to mini golf and then spent some time reading in the van.  Ruby, Nick and I went on the Tilt A Whirl and I almost lost my cookies.  I am pretty sure I will never go on that ride again.  :)  Kind of sad as it was always my favorite.  #old

We got a treat and went on some low key rides and then went and got James to golf with us again.  

I love hanging out with them.

It was kind of a random trip but I'm glad we went.

Last night we had fireworks here in town and the children all lost their minds and ran around like crazy.  I walked down to the park with my neighbor and when we got back Patrick had the house all cleaned up and our bed ready for me to just crawl into.  It was the best.  



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