the strangest summer

This has been the strangest summer.

All summer I have been waiting to feel like one of our "normal"'s been odd.  I think it's because we never really got into a daily routine at home.  We definitely had lots of days at home but practically every one of them was different and that is so unsettling to me.  :)  I haven't worked much and have used my favorite morning hours, where I normally love to work, to walk with my friends.  I have loved that time but it threw me off in a lot of ways.  I have also tried to sleep in here and there which is unusual for me.  I have to admit, it does feel good.

We did have summer school & swimming lessons at the beginning of the summer.  That definitely lent some structure but lots of driving around town came with it.  There haven't been regular bedtimes at all.  We've had 1-3 kids on our bedroom floor many nights.  There have been lots of sleep overs, both here and away.  There is a big detour through town.  James and Ruby did a ton of reading but none of them signed up for the summer reading program.  I'm not mowing the lawn anymore, James is.  My big kids both go off on their bikes with their the pool, to get shaved ice, just off on their own.  I sometimes leave them all home alone while I run to Target or the grocery store.  It's just all been so different!  (added as I re-read this: it's obviously a summer of change & growth for our family.  It's both heart-filling and heart-breaking.)

We have also done most of our activities & nights away during the week, leaving our weekends open/at home.  I have kind of loved this but it is opposite of what most people do so it can leave me feeling like a sadsack if I go on social media.  (I try to avoid facebook most's too full of everyone doing all the fun stuff.  Even if we had a week full of fun stuff it can make me feel bad.  I am SO dumb in this way (insecure) but at least I recognize it now.  :)  )

I think aside from the free-flowing days, it has also been strange because my kids are getting older.  This year it's mainly James (13) that has some strong opinions about what he does and doesn't want to do.  We have handled it pretty well, I think.  I have definitely let him skip some activities and he has weighed in with things he would like to do with us and we have tried to do those.  A few times, he just had to come with, you know?  And he always has fun.  I love those moments when we are away from home with just each other...that is when you play catch with your sister or build something with your brother or run off together. 💚

It is August 13th and although there have been moments, I am not quite ready for school to start yet.  This is unheard of for me.  haha!  Normally I am craving fall weather and routine and quiet and the rest of it.

I am so grateful for this crazy, off kilter summer.



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