1 year

Since it has been over a year since I posted, and I am actively trying to avoid working, I thought I'd write a quick post.  ;)

Hello!  I hope everyone is doing well!  I am good aside from being incredibly unmotivated this morning.

I feel stuck this week.  There are a handful of days left of summer break and I am not sure how to fill them.  It doesn't help that sprinkled in the mix are a vet appointments, cross country practices, football practice, and a middle school and high school orientation.  Yikes.  It has been like that all month...a lot to keep track of and leaving us with few days that are just "ours."  Today Ruby and I are going to Target before her and James have to go to Cross Country practice.  Yay!  :)  She wants a Starbucks drink, which I will buy her, and some Squishies, which I will not.  Her and James need new underwear.  Exciting!!

The kids are all good.  James is 14.5.  He is so funny and still very sweet to me a lot of the time, which I am thankful for.  He is mainly interested in playing online games but also loves to read and has been watching the Harry Potter movies every night with Ruby and Nick.  He likes hanging out with his friends but also loves to be home.  He can also be a little turd (acting like a 3 year old) one minute and can talk to me like a reasonable adult the next.  I am just trying to roll with it and be thankful that he is not yet driving.  :)

Ruby is 12 and is also very funny. She and I have a pretty good relationship except when we get ticked off at each other.  lol.  She can come across as shy but is also an extrovert and likes to have plans more often than my boys do.  Thankfully, she can also spend hours making slime, watching youtube videos, rearranging her room and reading.

Nick is 8 and is a typical 8 year old...pretty easy.  He loves his brother and sister and also hanging out with Brennan.  (Remember Ruby's friend Brennan??  He hangs out with Nick all the time now.  :) )

****I had to go look...here is a Brennan story from 2009:

OH! And one funny Ruby thing as I have been sooooo bad at writing these down lately. She played over at Brennan's house for a while yesterday after dinner and this was when she got home:

S: Did you and Brennan have fun, honey?
R: yeah.
S: What did you do?
R: We pretended we were dead.


Oh man.  Ok, back to Nick.  Nick still loves me very much, which I am thankful for.  :)  He loves to jump on the trampoline, ride his bike, play video games, read and sleep on our bedroom floor.  haha.

Oh yeah, all of my kids are readers!!  That makes me SO happy.  One mission accomplished.

Patrick is doing well but not loving his job.  Not sure where this will go but I'm praying for something to change here.  We just celebrated 23 years of marriage on Sunday. ❤  He is really such a sweet man and I am thankful for him nearly every day.  hahahahah!  (likewise, I'm sure.)

I am good!  I have some goals for this year but they are still coming into focus.  I still love my job and sell on Poshmark now as well as my old love, Ebay.  I love Instagram, mainly because of all the resellers I follow on there.  It's fun to connect with people who get it.  I know what I do still seems kind of random to a lot of people.  :)

Today is just one of those days.  I think I am mainly TIRED.  As an introvert, not having much time to myself for 3 months is exhausting.  I'm thankful for these times with my kids because I see how they pass (hello, 14 year old who usually no longer wants to go on hikes) but they are still tiring.  Also, I'm 47 now.  



oh, here's a pic from one hike James actually wanted to go on:


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