more tybee

The house we rented this year was pretty small but had just enough room.  There was also a large screened in back porch and an outdoor shower that we loved.  The boys slept on these bunk beds in a little alcove:

James actually smiled for some pictures because I told Katie I would send her some while we were gone.  :)  (Katie is his girlfriend.)

It was SUPER hot while we were there but it worked out well.  We were a short walk to Mid Beach and a short drive to North Beach and the water was amazing.  Most days we went to the beach in the morning, went home, ate, slept, hung out, did a little shopping, ate and then went back to the beach in the evening.


Yesterday right before I had to leave to take Nick to a double header baseball game, I missed the last step while going downstairs and fell.  oh geez.  I hurt my ankle pretty bad but could thankfully walk.  I was laying there hollering in pain, looked up and all 3 kids are above me.  lol.  It was pretty cute.  So glad it wasn't worse!  I drove him an hour to the game, sat through 2 tough games, and got us home.  Today I have it wrapped and am not going to do much until his (sob) game tonight.

Patrick is doing what was supposed to be some relatively easy work in our upstairs bathroom.  HAHAHAHA.  He was going to install Pergo flooring but ended up having to remove the existing flooring and the sub flooring.  And then grind down what felt like 1000000 staples.  Then he decided that our existing walls were too crappy to paint so he pulled down all the sheetrock, too.  I think this is a pretty common story.  It's like "If you give a moose a muffin" for husbands. 



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