tybee island, ga

We tried a bunch of new restaurants this year and really liked a couple of them. The Sandfly in Savannah had really good BBQ and is located in a cool vintage diner car. Everyone liked it but Ruby because she hates BBQ. Sorry, girl.

Our favorite dinner this trip was at Bubba Gumbo's. It's in this kind of dumpy little marina area with all of these little shacks and the wait was really long and it was super hot out but somehow we all had fun and the food was amazing. We waited over an hour (kitchen problems) for our food and James said afterwards that it was worth it. There was also a cat there for Nick to pet so he was happy.

Patrick and I each had blackened mahi mahi.  James had fried flounder and Ruby and Nick had burgers.  :)

One bad, horrible but funny place we ate was Paula Deen's Creek House!  Thought it would be good!  Bland food, forgot the remoulade, and our server had on a dirty shirt and a messy top knot and gave us the hang loose sign when he got to our table.  I should have looked because I bet he had bare feet!  The best part of that meal was for sure the memories.  We all did the hang loose symbol a lot for the rest of the trips and I made "shit creek" jokes every time we drove by, which was a lot.

My favorite Icee of the trip (I only had one) was an alcohol free pina colada one.  The night before we left James really wanted to vacuum all of the sand out of the van and I wasn't going to argue.  We drove to a Mobil station and he got to work.  It was super hot, of course, so I went in and got him a coke icee and me the pina colada one.  It was sosososososo good.  Ahhhhhh. Perfection.  Also, James washed out our beach bag and everything inside of it and set it all out to dry in the sun.  love that kid.


My ankle & foot are slowly healing.



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